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Committed to a

Culture of Safety



Dickerson Infrastructure’s current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is Currently a 0.94, but our record for keeping our people safe and sound precedes any numerical measurement.

We are committed to fostering a company culture that emphasizes best safety management practices and zero tolerance policies. We are proud to have completed over 5 years with no lost time due to accidents or injuries. We consider our safety record and environmental awareness to be hallmarks of our continued success on projects with new and repeat customers.

Safety First


From leadership to laborers, we have built a company-wide culture of comprehensive risk mitigation. Our dedication to prioritizing and monitoring the most stringent health and safety protocols and best practices ensures that our staff and company continues to grow stronger. Our reputation for elevating work and safety standards and environmental awareness is a true hallmark of the Dickerson Infrastructure promise. We have framed our own Safety Pledge, which is rigorously incorporated into everything we do.

OUr Safety


Zero Tolerance

Adhere to strict zero-tolerance safety policies.

Best Safety Practices

Follow best safety management practices with an emphasis on employee screening, training, and daily accident prevention.

Environmental Awareness

Approach every job with a strong environmental awareness of the wildlife and sea life that inhabit our work areas.

Pollution Prevention

Implement a strict onsite pollution prevention policy, with constant monitoring of our work areas.

Extensive Training

Provide field staff with extensive experience and training with ATSSA worksite traffic safety, OSHA certifications, NPDES storm water inspection, CPR, and basic first aid.

Safe and Secure

Comply with the Drug Free Workplace Act to promote a safe and secure workplace for our project owners, subcontractors, and teams.


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Dickerson wants all of our subcontractors to be successful. Our pre-qualification process is critical to this success and is an integral part of our risk management program.

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