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Building a Legacy

About Dickerson



Dickerson Infrastructure dates to 1936, when Norvin Dickerson founded Dickerson Florida, a humble construction firm equipped with a single dragline and a few trucks. Mr. Dickerson grew the business by prioritizing investments in the breakthrough technology of the day and by enshrining an unshakable obligation to achieving the highest levels of customer service.

That legacy endures, and today Dickerson Infrastructure is one of most respected full-service specialty infrastructure solution provider in the market. Our ongoing mission to equip our skilled and dedicated workforce with the latest cutting-edge machinery and systems helps us build more than infrastructure—it enables us to forge long-term successful relationships with satisfied customers.

Our Future-Focused


Industry leadership relies entirely on assured company governance, underpinned by a restless motivation to challenge the status quo and seek improvements to the way we work. We thrive when challenged to bring innovation to the workplace, with the ultimate goal of passing on operational enhancements and efficiencies to our clients. This passion—to “Build Better”—underscores why we do what we do.

Dickerson Infrastructure chairman, John Joyner, and president, Larry T. Dale, share more than 50 years of combined experience in steering the company vision on a growth path that not only addresses the immediate shifting needs of a market, but also nurtures a day-to-day company culture that celebrates creativity and actively promotes opportunities for employees to develop professionally.



The US infrastructure market finds itself at an exciting juncture. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal sets out to, among other things, rebuild America’s roads, bridges and rails, expand access to clean drinking water, and make safe and reliable energy infrastructure investments in communities that have too often been left behind. Infrastructural transformation on this scale calls not only for unprecedented sector collaboration, but also industry-shaping expertise.

Our long history of delivering heavy civil construction and energy-related infrastructure projects—including the build of sub-stations, ISFSI facilities, Security Operation Centers (SOC), site excavations, drainage system improvements, roadway development, and transmission construction—on time and on budget make Dickerson Infrastructure ideally positioned to play an instrumental role in this new era of US infrastructure development.

John Joyner


Mr. Joyner is responsible for developing and executing corporate strategy and, in doing so, works closely with the operations to implement and adapt the company to the changing needs of its customers.

John is currently involved in adapting Dickerson’s various energy clients’ needs to the company’s extensive experience in nuclear and environmental remediation services. His reputation for taking on increasingly challenging projects is equaled by his passion for providing a safe, diverse and family oriented work environment.

He is known as an energetic and forward-thinking leader whose is dedicated to Dickerson’s core values of safety and quality projects.

Larry T. Dale


As the company’s executive leader Mr. Dale is responsible for business development and operations management. He effectively communicates the company’s goals and vision.

He empowers management and all employees to take initiative and accept responsibility for performance.

Mr. Dale’s experience in all areas of civil site and roadway construction serves Dickerson well from a project’s beginning to final completion.

His open communication with the project management team keeps him informed and updated on a regular basis. He is actively involved in a project from start to finish and leads the team to complete on time and within budget.

Mr. Dale has successfully overseen several energy sector projects including the first Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation project for FPL in Florida.

His professionalism and expertise are respected within the industry. He encourages an attitude of excellence that reflects in the projects undertaken by Dickerson.

Richard J. Forlifer

Vice President / Chief Estimator

Mr. Forlifer’s extensive estimating experience combined with his project management skills allows him to analyze each project during the bidding process to offer a comprehensive proposal with the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

His careful and thorough approach to each bid and his familiarity with all aspects of civil construction are a true benefit to the organization.

He reviews, reads, and interprets specifications and drawings to determine work or project requirements specified by clients and to plan work.

He studies job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods and leads the Dickerson team in obtaining and responding to new bids and contracts.

David Smith

Director of Nuclear Services

With over 30 years of experience in the nuclear and construction industry, David is a seasoned and certified professional who leads the nuclear services division at Dickerson Infrastructure, a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for the energy industry.

He has a proven track record of overseeing large-scale multimillion-dollar physical modifications for nuclear power plants.

He holds a PMP certification and two active general contractor licenses in Washington and Florida,

David is passionate about enhancing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of nuclear energy, and he strives to exceed expectations and standards in every project he undertakes.

David Autrey

Operations Manager - Utilities & Department of Defense Services

As Senior Project Manager, David Autrey’s responsibilities include successful project management of complex projects for customers such as Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light.  David is leading the company’s innovative efforts in business development and project management, implementing the growth of the company’s capabilities along with our partners in construction and expansion of substations.

He has experience with complex nuclear and substation security projects including Utility Perimeter Hardening, Physical Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems.

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Dickerson wants all of our subcontractors to be successful. Our pre-qualification process is critical to this success and is an integral part of our risk management program.

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