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Nuclear Services

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Nuclear energy provides clean, reliable, and safe carbon-free energy, and it is a gateway to achieving net-zero goals around the world.

Our seasoned team at Dickerson Infrastructure is an integral player in the nuclear power industry, capable of addressing unforeseen challenges that might arise. With our rigorous safety protocols and commitment to quality, we ensure every project is executed to the highest industry standards. By forging strong partnerships with stakeholders, our collaborative approach enables us to deliver on deadlines without compromising on safety or efficiency. Furthermore, our dedicated workforce continuously undergoes training to stay abreast with the latest technologies and best practices in nuclear projects.

areas of expertise

professional nuclear services

Dickerson remains at the forefront of the nuclear power industry by providing a range of services and offering technical expertise in Planning and Implementation fostering innovative solutions for complex problems in nuclear projects, modifications to existing facilities, new build, and next-generation technology. As custodians of your trust in us, we prioritize a clean and productive work environment that adheres to all regulatory requirements.

Commitment to safety

Our steadfast devotion to safety extends beyond merely protecting our employees; it also involves securing the communities where we operate. We are unwavering in our commitment toward environmental responsibility and sustainable operations.



Utilities want companies that can do the work safely, with good environmental stewardship and quality control—and Dickerson has a proven track record of success doing just that. It’s clear that they want to build long term relationships with their customers.”


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Dickerson wants all of our subcontractors to be successful. Our pre-qualification process is critical to this success and is an integral part of our risk management program.

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