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Substation Security

Marshall Steam Plant Substation Security Upgrade

Dickerson Florida, Inc. (DFI) installed a comprehensive security upgrade near Mooresville, NC. The project schedule spanned approximately 11 months.

This upgrade included:

  • Addition of new hardened security building
  • Hardening of existing Control Building
  • Installation of temporary fencing prior to demolishing/installation of new security fencing
  • Installation of new security fencing comprised of 10’ height welded wire fabric panels with security topper and buried anti-dig features
  • Installation of new security intrusion detection equipment and CCTVs

Special conditions and precautions included:

  • Heightened awareness and protection from substation high voltage sources (special personnel PPE, grounding, etc.)
  • Entire site mapped with GPR prior to any digging

Project Name

Marshall Steam Plant Substation Security Upgrade

Project Owner

Duke Energy

Project Duration

330 days

Construction Completed

June 2019

Project Specs

New hardened security building

Fencing installation

Intrusion detection equipment installation



Dickerson Infrastructure has the expertise to professionally install high-value asset security systems on switchyards, substations, and fossil and nuclear sites.


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