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Front End Loader Operator

Job Location Availability:

Lee County - FL, Palm Beach County - FL


A rubber-tired front-end loader operator must be capable of operating a tractor with an attached front-end bucket to load and unload trucks, bins and stockpiles with aggregate or other waste material.


  • Ability to operate a rubber-tired front-end loader safely and effectively on open highway, unpaved and uneven construction sites, in populated areas and in congested traffic environments.
  • Past experience, two years preferred, and/or comparable training in the operation of a front-end loader.
  • Ability to load and unload aggregate or other waste material into trucks, bins or stockpiles.
  • Ability to coordinate work efforts with other grade crew workers and equipment to scoop debris or excess materials into the bucket from roadway or other surfaces.
  • Ability to operate the front-end loader productively at a slow and appropriate pace for loading and transporting materials with the bucket near or touching ground surface.
  • Adequate range of motion and ability to manipulate foot and hand controls for moving front–end loader equipment and attachments.
  • Adequate range of motion and peripheral vision necessary for the safe and effective operation of the equipment.
  • Ability to hear and distinguish horns and other traffic noises necessary for the safe and effective operation of the equipment.
  • Ability to climb in and out of the front-end loader using handholds and footsteps as necessary.
  • Adequate range of motion and ability to perform inspection of the front-end loader and attachments, including necessary squatting, bending, stooping, kneeling, walking, lifting, pushing, pulling and turning as required.
  • Ability to fuel, oil, grease and otherwise service, repair and make normal operating adjustments to equipment during a scheduled work day.
  • Sitting during equipment operation for up to four (4) consecutive hours at a time.
  • Ability to withstand moderate to heavy vibrations and equipment impact during normal equipment operations on various construction surfaces.
  • Ability to lift up to an estimated 50 pounds.
  • Ability to meet weekly attendance requirement often averaging 8 to 12 hours per day, with normal start and stop times varying with job site needs.
  • Ability to meet other attendance requirements, including overtime hours, weekend work, holiday work, night work and shift assignments as necessary.
  • Ability to withstand various environmental conditions, including but not limited to, normal summer outside temperatures with heat index occasionally in excess of 100 degrees, the combined effect of heat and humidity during outside summer work, possible low winter outside temperatures, and routine rain.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with other workers at and around the job site.
  • Ability to walk and maneuver on even and uneven surfaces at the plant and construction sites.
  • Ability to withstand various airborne particles located at outside construction sites, including dust, sand, dirt and pollen.
  • Ability to withstand various gases, vapors, and fumes within acceptable OSHA/EPA limits produced by construction equipment, solvents and asphalt located at outside construction sites.
  • Ability to perform timely and productive execution of tasks and assignments.
  • Ability to withstand loud and continuous noises from various construction equipment within acceptable OSHA limits.
  • Ability to work effectively with fellow workers and the public.
  • Compliance with safety rules, including the use of personal protective equipment as required.
  • Ability to set up barricades and/or traffic control devices to establish lane closures, as necessary.
  • Ability to withstand various skin irritants within acceptable OSHA/EPA limits, including but not limited to, petroleum products and asphalt.


  • Attendance at staff and safety meetings.
  • Ability to shovel, sweep and perform general “housekeeping” at and around work.
  • Ability to assist in the flagging and signaling of traffic at and around construction sites.

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